My peace I give to you

I am an incredibly restless person.  I wake up on overdrive.  I am very sure that I can be annoying.  It is safe to say that peace is not a fruit of the spirit that is well developed in my life.  Just sayin.  However, these past few months I have been craving, yearning and pining for peace.  Peace of mind, peace and quiet, peaceful rest.  Just peace.  I open up the source of life giving peace.  I thumb through the pages.  Searching for that word.  Peace.  How do I get it?  How can I keep it?  As I read, I continue to find that peace is not something you find.  It is a gift.  A gift from the ultimate gift giver.  “My peace I give to you”.  “I do not give peace as the world gives.”   “The Lord turn His face to you and give you peace.”   Peace comes with that whisper of love from our humble Jesus that ever so gently eases the chokehold of anxiety and lifts the weight of debilitating guilt.  You let the words of Jesus crack open and seep through that cement wall of worry and feel peace soak your parched spirit.

I look at the world.  I see that peace is scarce.  I see that there are many peace posers.  The world promises peace by following your heart, finding the right diet, making this amount of money, buying more, avoiding difficulty, traveling here, adding this or cutting out that.  Peace posers.

The only way you can find true peace is to be where Jesus is because He is the original and true peace giver.  The most peaceful people I know are the ones who intimately know Jesus.  Whether its someone whose plate is unbelievably full and have never ending to do lists or someone who simply has the task of just being.  The circumstance of our life isn’t what brings peace.  Its not what we do or don’t do.  Its what we are given through surrender.

The savior gives peace that is beyond our understanding.  Have you ever watched someone’s life unravel or take a turn for the worst and you wonder how in the world do they have such peace?  Because surrendering your will to the will of Jesus is the game changer.   His peace has no red tape.  His peace has an all access pass to our lives no matter the circumstance.  Peace is found in broken situations only because He is there.  The man of sorrows.  He can always be found among the least.  Among the needy.  Among the broken.

In my life, you won’t find much worldly peace.  But there is a peace that passes all understanding.  A peace that calms the storm.  A peace that brings relief to anxiety.  It isn’t gained by cutting things out or adding new things in, but by surrendering my pride and inviting Jesus into my mess so the world can see.

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