Monthly Archives: January 2016

To be more like her


My New Years resolution is to become more like her. My mom. I have a long way to go, but she resembles the kind of disciple of Jesus I want to be. She glorifies God though the sunny days and through the fiercest storm.

She loves sacrificially and she loves people to eternity. I watched her as a child as she welcomed all different kinds of people through the threshold of our home. The majority of our guests were those who broken, poor and outcast. I’ve seen her in the quiet of our home when no one was watching except for a curious little child as she would carry people who were severely disabled joyfully to her couch and sit and have rich conversation with them as if it was the most natural thing in the world. For me, watching from a distance, it was life altering. Her actions permeated my soul, awakened my compassion and nurtured my faith.

As a teen, many times, she has fearlessly stared down any demon seeking to destroy me and my faith in Jesus. She wasn’t looking for our approval, she was looking for so much more than that. She battled for her children’s souls and urged us to love beyond just ourselves. Beyond the comfort of our own homes and beyond our own ability. She urged us to love with the power of Christ in us.

I am always inspired by how she is never interested in the approval of others. she speaks without fear of disapproval and she gives without need for anything in return.

She loves my husband and fully respects him as the authority over our home.

My children adore her and she loves them well.

She believes in us as parents and understands that we are ultimately responsible for raising disciples of Jesus in a very difficult time and she always backs us in our efforts without question. She believes in the importance of obedience and it resonates with our children.

She trusted me and believed in me when I was young and oh so green when we started Dutton Farm. She gave me the freedom to try and fail and then gave me the confidence to try again. She is humble and resolute when she passes more responsibility on to me and her belief in me makes all the difference.

She was the one who first introduced me to our beautiful Savior and I believed every word about Him because she lived in such a way where I could see Him through her.

Her life’s story is absolutely astounding and I am proud to follow in her footsteps. May her legacy continue for generations to come.

You see, when you take the time to believe in someone and let them watch you live your life, you’ll never know what kind of impact you will have on the world.